Friday, December 26, 2008

Great Christmas

We had a great Christmas. We began Christmas morning with Papaw reading the Christmas story from Luke 2. After opening presents, we kind of lounged around until lunch (about 2). Rather than a full Turkey dinner like we usually have, my MIL made a pork loin, roasted veggies and mashed potatoes.

The kids were thrilled with their presents. The little one (Munchie--3) would have been happy just to receive the Thomas the Tank Engine Round House (from his siblings); extra track (from Mamaw and Papaw); and the Thomas and the Great Discovery DVD (one of my wins!). Crunchy (5) was thrilled with the Hannah Montana Surf Shop set--including Hannah and Lily "Barbie" dolls (from the brothers) and the Leapster 2---with Wall-E, Dora, and Star Wars games (another of my wins). Chewie (11), who I would have expected to act less than thrilled (he is a "tween" you know!) was absolutely thrilled with the Lincoln Logs (from Daddy); the Wii Lightsabers (from siblings) and the Wii games (found on clearance over the past few months!). And I did pretty good buying for hubby. I found a book he really wanted. (And it wasn't a duplicate like I got last year!) But the best thing is I'm taking him to a comedy show in March. A few months ago I asked him who he would like to see in person. He gave me a list---most are Christian music groups. But he included a few "others". On that list was Bill Engvall and Larry the Cable Guy (both from Blue Collar Comedy tour). And both are going to be in Ruidoso (hills about an hour from here) in March. Unfortunately they won't be appearing together. I printed a coupon redeemable to for 2 tickets. I wrapped it with a used copy of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour Movie.

Once I got all the presents wrapped, I was amazed at how much was under the tree! Many presents were thanks to my sweeping addiction. I won several DVDs, books, and other toys that ended up under the tree, as well as my MIL's gift. Many of our other presents were purchased on clearance throughout the year (the two little ones got Kid Tough cameras we bought in March!)

But the best part was how well the kids played together. They didn't mind sharing their toys. The boys both worked on train tracks and Lincoln Logs over the past 2 days. Munchie enjoyed the Hannah Montana Surf Shop as much as Crunchy. All three of them played with the Leapster 2. There was a little fighting over "MINE!", but it seemed to be less than usual! It's been a pretty peaceful couple of days.


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here's wishing you a safe, happy and prosperous new year!

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Jean said...

where is your blog drop?? Tried to drop you today and no drop box. Sorry.