Monday, December 29, 2008

I crave water

(or at least that's what I've been telling myself!) I haven't had anything to drink except water since Friday night. And I've been going through 5 or more water bottles a day. I'm ready to get started on losing weight---and keeping it off this time! Last year, I made too many changes too quickly. I stopped drinking Pepsi and eating chocolate at the same time I started working out (walking and strength training almost every day) and eating whole grains. I was successful at losing weight---almost 30 pounds. But then life happened (more specifically, my daughter had a seizure) and I fell off the wagon. I drank more Pepsi the 3 days we were in Albuquerque, than I had had in 5 months. And I couldn't stop. Slowly, the weight came back.

I've been trying to use my Wii Fit everyday. I haven't been successful every day. But I'm trying.


Conny said...

best wishes on your new water drinking pursuits. I wish I liked water more...I drink DIET coke all the time but all the aspertame isn't good either :(
Anyway, I hope you are successful this time!! I think having your 40th before you is great motivation!

Nicole Orri├źns said...

Good for you! It's always good to take past experiences and apply what you've learned from them.

I can certainly understand you falling off the wagon when something bad happened to you daugher. It's a well known fact that in times of stress we slip back in our old patterns!

Stacy's Random Thoughts said...

Good for you! I seriously need to drink more water...I'm terrible at that! I totally understand you 'falling off the wagon' when you were stressed/worried about your daughter, like Nicole mentioned, it is a well known fact that times of stress cause us to slip back into our old patterns...good luck, you're going to do great, you've already gotten a good start! :)