Friday, January 09, 2009

Fitness Friday

It's Friday again. My resolve to not drink Pepsi had some snags. Last Friday, hubby took me to lunch and ordered me a Pepsi. Now, I can't blame him completely....I was standing at the register and didn't correct him. After a few hours of shopping, I asked him to stop for a Pepsi. He asked, "Am I supposed to put my foot down here and say, 'no'?" Nope. This time I need it! The next day was a rough day too. Before going to meet some friends for a play date, I grabbed a big jub of Pepsi. I had already decided that Sunday was my cheat day. We usually get a soda on our way home from church. But, i was good Monday-Wednesday. Yesterday, I had one soda, and today I had one. But I have been drinking lots of water.

I only used the Wii Fit 3 times this week. Sunday I got a great workout (a full hour!) including an 11 minutes jog. I did the 6 minutes advanced hula hoop (3 minutes each side). But, I had to pause 3 times because I thought I was gonna die! I only paused for a few seconds, but it was enough to get my breath back. Yesterday I logged a full hour.

Now for the weight....I was down to 269. Unfortunately, that is what I was "down" to last week. I went back up to 272 this past week. But I blame both the weight gain (and most of the loss) on my cycle starting yesterday. (TMI).

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4 comments: said...

That Pepsi. It can get to you every time if you let it.

Julie@Cool Mom Guide said...

I had the same problem-when I was at my moms for Christmas I drank regular soda and had previously trained myself to drink diet when I treated myself to soda (I drink water primarily) and now I can't stand diet again. Any fitness activity is good activity, we'll get it done together!

Lindsey said...

Wow, 11 minutes jogging! That is hard for me - I'm pretty out of shape. And once I did the 10-minute hula and DID think I was gonna die, lol. I had to take a break and walk around and breathe. Remember to breathe! lol

Named Alicia said...

Coke is a downfall for me. I try to stay away from it. But sometimes you just gotta have it! I want to get a Wii just so I can get the Fit to go along with it. Maybe sometime within the next two months.

Keep up the good work!