Friday, January 16, 2009

Fitness Friday

Today, I am the featured guest over at Wii Fit Mom's Fitness Friday.

I have used my Wii Fit for 9 days in a row. A couple of the days I was only able to log in and do the body tests. But I'm trying to make sure I at least do that much. Three days this week (Sun, Mon, Tues), I did ALL of the Yoga and Strength Training sets that don't require floor space. I just don't have a place to do that right now. (And I'm not sure I'm up to the poses yet!) Also, for the first time this week, I added in some other exercise. I walked 30 minutes two days and 15 minutes another day, so I entered this on my activity log. (To do this, just click on the chart icon on the main screen.) I haven't spent as much time on the Balance Games or the Aerobics section.

On the water/Pepsi front.....I'm not drinking as much Pepsi as "normal" for me. But I have been drinking too much. I did avoid it all together on Monday and Tuesday. But I think I've had some every other day this week. :(

Emotionally, this has been a rough week. One day while walking (and very sore from yoga and strength training) I kept asking myself, "Why am I doing this?" I know my health with be better for longer if I lose the weight. I know I'll be able to play with my kids more. I know I'll be able to buy clothes that fit me and flatter me. But then the voices reminded me, my health is good right now. And I can run from the car to the store with my kids. And I have a closet full of clothes that fit me.

One thing I really struggle with is : This has to be a life altering experience. I can't look at this as a temporary fix to get me to goal and then life can return to "normal'. There has to be a new normal. I need to learn to like healthy foods, and learn to avoid or greatly reduce unhealthy foods----forever! I will need to exercise for the rest of my life. Maintaining won't be easy, but it will easier if I don't try to take short cuts on the way to the goal.

This week, my weight and BMI has gone up and down. Yesterday morning I weighed in at 268--one pound less than last week. But I've been up to 272 this week as well, so I'm not really sure where I ended up.

Last week, the Wii Fit Mommies passed on three blog awards to me. While I am thrilled to accept the award, I have decided not to "do" awards anymore because they cause me great stress. Last time I posted one, I spent several hours trying to figure out who to "award". I didn't want to bother someone. I didn't want to send it to someone who didn't know me or my blog. It just stressed me out. These are the awards I was given. And I pass them on to any of my readers who would like to take one.


Julie@Cool Mom Guide said...

Oh, we don't want to stress you out, we just want to show our love and appreciation.

You're right, it is a lifestyle change. Just doing the fitness test daily is great, it shows an effort and it will take a while to get used to a new routine.

When we decided to launch Wii Fit Mommies, I decided to stop using the Wii Fit until the 1/3 launch date. I felt sluggish, moody and I gained 6 pounds. I didn't realize until that time that I had developed a good fitness routine that improved every part of my day. Thans so much for the great post!

Stacy's Random Thoughts said...

I can totally empathize with is a 'life altering experience', but a good one. I've tried diet and exercise in the past, but haven't really stuck to it (which is why I'm still carrying around my 'baby weight' from 6 years ago!) BUT the one thing I have found is that with using the WiiFit it makes the 'workout' FUN, not tedious, not making me feel like a big old slug... ;)

I sometimes feel guilty because it is so much fun - and to an 'outsider', I'm simply playing an advanced video game. But I was inspired by Julie's story with her losing 60 pounds by using her WiiFit, so I'm confident I'll finally be able to shed my 'baby weight' and really feel good about myself with the results. So far, so good! ;)

You're definitely on the right track - and even only being able to log in and do the body tests is a great thing! Plus adding walking to your 'routine' - and adding it to the activity log (thank you for that tip - I was clueless, and now I can add more stuff to mine! *smile!*)

Keep up the good work - you are doing great! :)

Cynthia said...

Your post completely inspired me to think of this as a "lifestyle change." You know I've heard this stuff before, but I'm finding hearing all this from my Wii Fit Mom friends is really helping it sink in!

There's nothing more annoying than just plodding along with no great weight loss to show. But don't forget to focus on how you feel emotionally and physically. We are all here to support you!

The first days are the toughest, just keep on keeping on!

And P.S. I'm a mom by adoption too! :)

Veggiemomof2 said...

Try to think about it as carving out 30 minutes a day for Mom Care. You may be "fit" but studies show people who exercise 30 mins a day, 3 days a week are also sick less, recover faster & eat better.

Good Luck!

CTgirlinKS said...

The fact that you are still willing to get on the Wii Fit even just to do the body tests says that you have will and hope. You are walking and logging it in, that's progress, too. It is hard for some of us to make this a life style change. But think of it this way... once you get to where you want to be then it's just maintenance.
We are with you, supporting you, struggling with you, cheering for you, cheering with you.

Julie@Cool Mom Guide said...

The button looks GREAT! Yay!