Tuesday, January 06, 2009


The never-ending saga of the office move...(cue sound effect: dun, dun, dun...)

I've been living and working out of a box for almost 3 weeks. I packed up my desk, my cabinets, and everything else before Christmas--as ordered. But nothing has happened. Supposedly, the move will start tomorrow, but we aren't holding our collective breath.

It is amazing what you find out that is important when you move. My Daddy used to say that people should move at least once every 10 years. (I should note here, that while a wise man, Daddy did not take his own advice. Mom still lives in the house they moved into 38 years ago!) We packed our desk, trying to leave out the things we would need for an indefinite amout of time. Much of the stuff in my desk is fine. I would probably never miss it. But our biggest problem has been running out of pens! And paperclips. And someone's phone died, but her charger was buried. In a box. Waiting.

There of 7 of "me" in my office. (Meaning, we all do the same job.) When I started, I was #5 in an office designed for 6. It's a 10' x 15' square with custom shelving and desks lining 3 walls. The 4th wall has a computer table. About a year after I started, a 6th person joined our team. Our office was full. (Fortunately, we spent a lot of time "in the field", so we aren't too crowded!) Last year, our numbers grew such that we needed to hire #7. #7 had previously worked here (before me), but had move over to work at "The Company" with adult clients. The problem was where do we put #7? After many discussions, it was decided that a new wall would be built to house #7 and #1. A temporary divider was found, and we went back to work.

Fast forward to the fall. The Big Wigs decided that we needed to move our office across the parking lot into the Big Building (with all the Big Wigs). We resisted. We cried. We begged. But then we realized the Big Wigs would do what they wanted, so maybe we should try to get some say in the move. So, we 7, compiled a list of our concerns and our questions. We even decided to dream big: Can we get laptops? Can we work from home? We met with the top two Big Wigs. They answered our questions (like "What about the phones? Do we have to change our numbers?") and listened to our concerns. But they decided that they were going to move us.

We did learn that we will get 3 laptops! (Yippee!) The new office is exactly double the square footage of this office. We aren't sure how much "room" that will equate to since our desks will be along the wall. Oh yes...they are moving the custom desks and shelving to the new office.

So tomorrow is the big day. (Supposedly!) We have no idea how long we will be "homeless". The cabinets (about a dozen 3' sections) and the desks will all be moved. And then they have to set them back up. And then they have to finish setting up the phones.

Tomrrow, I scheduled myself OUT OF THE OFFICE all day. I'll see kids at daycares with a lunch meeting in between. When I come back, maybe I'll find a place to sit down to do my paperwork. Then again....maybe not.

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Stacy's Random Thoughts said...

The 'hurry up and wait' mode is always the hardest! ;) Hopefully the move will go smoothly and your new digs will alleviate some stress... ;)