Saturday, January 24, 2009

TSMSS: The Road to Zion

Today's song is presented in memory of my Daddy: Wayne Long. On Monday, Daddy will have been in Heaven for 10 years. When Daddy died, I was in my first year of teaching (he was a teacher) and I was at the end of my 20s. Now, I'm 1200 miles away; not a teacher, but still working with kids; and I'm getting ready to leave my 30's behind. I miss my Daddy so much, but I know that he is making music with the angels. And he's no longer in pain.

This song is special because I remember my Daddy playing it (never singing it though) on his mandolin. He would sit for long periods of time strumming this song. A few years ago, my brother asked me if I knew the significance of that song. He shared. We grew up listening to Christian music: southern Gospel and other "traditional" music. We also listened to classical and Irish music. But we didn't listen to any rock music. We were taught it was "of the devil". One day, when Daddy complained about some of the music he was listening to, Stephen challenged Daddy to actually listen to the lyrics. Petra lyrics were FILLED with Scripture references. After listening to and reading the Petra lyrics on More Power To Ya, Daddy realized that the music was, indeed, glorifying God. His "peace offering" was to learn this song.

ETA: My husband found the picture I really wanted of Daddy. He is here with his mandolin.

The video includes the lyrics.

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ktwalden said...

Thank you for sharing this wonderful song and the beautiful testimony about your dad!