Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Look

During the Holidays, I won a blog design from Doodlebug Designs. A huge thanks to hostess: Jenn at One House School Room. Judi was a joy to work with. She sent me a questionnaire with lots of questions so she would know what I wanted. This was very helpful because I really didn't know what I wanted! I've been wanting a total blog makeover, but I just didn't know where to start. I had learned a few things along the way, but it was all piece-meal. Judi asked about my timeframe. I told her to take her time. With the Christmas Holidays, I didn't get my questions back to her until January 11th, and I sent the pictures for my header on the 17th. Two days later (January 19th), Judi invited me to view my beautiful new page. My new page went live last night (January 23rd). Even with me taking forever to get the things she needed (and with a "No Rush!" order, I was impressed with how quickly she worked.

My requests were pretty simple: 3 columns with tabs at the top. I gave color suggestions (pink) and showed some of the blogs I liked. She did the rest. And she did it perfectly.

If you need a facelift for your blog, check out Doodlebug Designs. You won't be sorry!

Doodlebug Designs

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