Sunday, July 05, 2009

The 3 F's

I have long known that I was high risk for diabetes. I've been on metformin (aka glucophage) for 10 years. Three of my mom's siblings are diabetic. My sister had 4 (out of 4) gestational diabetic pregnancies. My mother has been hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) since high school. And I am quickly approaching the 3rd F: Fat (always overweight; morbidly obese 20+ years); Female (all my life!); and Forty (in 3 months). I have had numerous blood sugar tests. With both pregnancies, I failed the 1 hour GTT (glucose tolerance test) but passed the 3 hours. Both babies were 9 pounders. But so far, I have skated by.

Until this weekend. On Friday I realize I was peeing all day. Now I usually pee a lot. But this was like ever 20-30 minutes. I looked up some info on diabetes and decided to do a fasting sugar on Saturday morning. (I had received a glucose m0nitor recently.) Normal range is 70-99. 100-125 is considered "pre-diabetic". Anything over 126 (at least 2 occurances) is considered diabetic.

Saturday morning's fasting sugar was 148. Yikes! After eating (including birthday cake) I tested again: 199. (Oh my!) I waited an hour to see if it went down. Nope. 353. (Oh dear!). One more hour and it went down to 209. This morning's fasting was lower, but still came in at 132.

I'm calling my doctor tomorrow.

I did talk to my friend who is a doctor. Anything over 200--no matter what you have eaten--is considered full blown diabetes.

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