Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wasabi Mint Foot Scrub

I had the opportunity to try out a SummerTime Treat for Feet! The Wasabi Mint Foot Scrub combines hydrating butters, soothing aloe vera and blue pumice to buff away dry skin leaving feet soft and rejuvenated. Pure peppermint essential oil revives aching muscles, putting a little pep in your step and tea tree oil to heal and brighten nails.
The Wasabi Mint Foot Scrub was easy to use. I just rubbed it on my feet and slipped on some socks. (No rinsing required!) Immediately, I was greeted with a cooling sensation. By morning, my feet were softer. I have very hard and cracked feet, so I know I will need a a few more treatments will leaving my feet feeling completely soft.
Wasabi Mint Foot Scrub suggested retail price is $18/4oz at Body Systems. Body Systems offers a comprehensive collection of natural toiletries, and full line of aromatherapy bath and body products.

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Jenni Saake (a.k.a. InfertilityMom) said...

Wow, that sounds really refreshing. Does it have any "sting" from the wasabi?