Thursday, July 02, 2009

Wii Pirates vs. Ninja Dodgeball Review

Recently I told you all about the new Wii game: Pirates vs. Ninja Dodgeball. Chewie and I got a chance to play it. Well, Chewie played it. I watched. So here is Chewie's review:
It is the best game ever! It's the only one I can't beat! Everyone should play it.
Here are some of the features of this game.
  • Battle across 8 visually breathtaking arenas that allow for teams to roam freely instead of being restricted to sides of a court
  • Art style, theme, and gameplay suited for all age groups
  • Full single player story mode that offer over 10 hours of intense single player game play
  • 2 vs. 2 battle multiplayer
  • 7 teams to choose from (Pirates, Ninjas, Zombies, Robots, Aliens, Monsters and Mushroom Men)
  • Use an array of special moves, unique to each character: summon parrots, throw ninja stars, etc.
  • Developed using Infyrno™, Blazing Lizard's next-gen proprietary game engine
  • Improved camera angles add to fast paced action
  • Get your sack lunch ready and prepare to go back to school in the all new classic dodgeball mode

I decided to try my first vlog entry. Here it goes.

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