Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Answered Prayers

This morning, John texted me to tell me that the car wouldn't start. (This was quite frustrating as we just replace the battery about a month ago.) I couldn't help him because I getting ready to meet a family. I had just pulled up to Sam's Club gas station. While pumping gas, a friend from church walked over. Bob asked how John was doing. I mentioned that the car wouldn't start. He asked if he could pray for our car. I said sure. My mom always said, "If God is the 'great physician', why can't he be the 'great mechanic'?" Bob prayed for three things:
  1. That the car would start quickly.
  2. For wisdom to figure out what was wrong.
  3. For finances to cover any repairs.
After I finished pumping, I texted John to give him the total (so he could update the checking account). And I added, "Bob prayed for your car." His return text: "It started immediately." I told him to stop by and tell Bob.

Later, he went to Sam's, and again texted that the car wouldn't start. (I told him to call Bob!) He checked a couple of things and let me know he got it started. He had an idea of a problem with the battery terminals. (See request #2) He headed over to the car parts store in the same parking lot and for $2.13 (see request #3), he fixed it. Yeah God! Nice triple play!

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