Thursday, August 13, 2009


John had a doctor's appointment in Ruidoso this morning. (Ruidoso is a resort mountain community about 70 miles from Roswell.) Since 2 of the kids are in school We ask Mamaw and Papaw if they would pick the kids up. They agreed and offered to keep Munchie too.

We got to town with a little bit of spare time. Just long enough for John to leave his Netbook at Walmart! Fortunately it was stil there when we came back!

After the appointment John decided to indulge me and take me to a casino. We don't play often and we don't spend much, but it is a nice diversion. We each started with about $10.

After a few minutes (and losing about half) we changed machines. We were playing pennies and John started getting $30 wins. Then he hit the big one: $518! He cashed out and then played the $18 with the 5 $100 bills safely in his wallet.

By this time my $10 was now about $25. Then I hit big. Not as big as his but I was up to almost $200. I played a bit more and cashed out with over $150!

So we left with $650! Not a bad take!

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Beth in NC said...

I'm glad you were able to leave WITH some money. :o)