Friday, December 04, 2009

Birthday Pizza Cake

Chewie turns 12 on Monday. Tomorrow is his party. He is having a pizza party. So we decided to make a pizza cake.

We started with a chocolate chip cookie base. I made it on a pizza screen. I covered it with foil and sprayed it with Pam. I had a few problems with the baking. I forgot to leave room for expansion. Fortunately we have a self cleaning oven!

I did all of the prep work. Chewie did the decorating.

* Crust (chocolate chip cookie)
* Sauce (red frosting)
* Cheese (shredded white chocolate)
* Pepperoni (red fruit roll ups cut in circles)
* Olives (Oreo Minis-- 1/2 cookie)
* Bell peppers (sliced green sour gummies)
* Onions (sliced yellow sour gummies)
* Sausage (candied peanuts)

Chewie did all the work. I think it turned out great.

Spreading icing

Icing base

Add the cheese and pepperoni

Adding Olives

Adding sausage

Almost done

All done

The proud chief


Chickenista said...

I LOOOOOVVVVEEE this!!! OMG I have a pizza fanatic here who's bday coming up quickly in January. Thanks so much for posting this♥

Ruth in the Desert said...

That looks like fun!

Becca said...

What a great idea...that looks amazing!