Friday, March 12, 2010

Tropicana Juicy Rewards

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Have you heard about Tropicana Juicy Rewards?
Find 20.000 ways to save on everything from golf and workout gear to water parks and zoo admissions.
One carton saves you up to $15, three can save you up to $45.

I was thrilled to be selected to be a part of the The Tropicana Juicy Insiders Ambassador program. So, what is the Tropicana Juicy Rewards program? When you buy Tropicana Orange Juice, you earn points. These points can be used to earn discounts on various products, services and activities.

When you register, enter the code:
MOMCE-NTRAL* and you will get an extra bonus point!

The Tropicana Juicy Rewards site is easy to navigate. You can search by state, city, or zip code (and you can select how from from your search--up to 50 miles--you want to look.) Some of the rewards are BOGO (buy one get one free) or half off.

Unfortunately, there are not redemption options here in Roswell, but I hope that changes soon. I did, however, find some great deals in Albuquerque. Albuquerque is 3 hours away, but we will be going up ever month for Crunchy's doctor appointments. There are also some online products we can order. I did check out my old neighborhood (Modesto, CA) and found a TON of deals!

When we go to Albuquerque for Crunchy's next appointment, we are taking the boys too. (It is during Spring break). Some of the activities we are going to enjoy are:

This will be a 2 for 1 admission (adults $8, kids $7, Munchie will be free. We will save $15) for 2 points.

Okay, "enjoy" might be the wrong word for this one, but we will get 2 complementary admissions when we buy 2 ($5 adult, $3 kids, so we will we save $8) for 1 point.

For just 1 point, we will get one free admissi0n to Tinkertown Museum when we buy one. (Adults $3, Kids $1--we save $4)
I will let you all know how it goes!

* To get your bonus point:?
1. Go to
?2. Set-up your Tropicana Juicy Rewards account (just take a minute!)?
3. Visit the "Enter Codes" page within the site and get started with MOMCE-NTRAL
*This one-time use code is valid for new accounts ONLY. Must be entered within 6 hours of creating your account.

I wrote this review while participating in the Tropicana Juicy Insiders Ambassador program by Mom Central on behalf of Tropicana. I received 12 free Juicy Rewards points and a $50 Visa gift card to use in redemption of the points and to facilitate my review.

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