Tuesday, March 09, 2010

You're out of what?

Last night after Chewie orchestra concert, I picked up Happy Meals for the kids. Then I went out to find some grub for John and I. We don't go to Long John Silver's very often (too pricey!) but we had coupons. So I walked in. (For some reason, we don't have an LJS with a drive-through!) I gave her my coupon, and she said, "I'm sorry. We are out of clams." What? I come to Long John's for the clams! So I leave.

I headed to an old standby. Kentucky Fried Taco Bell. (Yeah. It's one of those multi-franchise stores.) I ordered John's 2 breasts--extra crispy. She had to check to see if they had any. What? It's a chicken restaurant! You should have chicken! Okay. They have the chicken. Now it's my turn to order.....

Chili Cheese Burrito ("Sorry. We don't serve that any more. We just haven't taken it off the menu board yet".) UGH...

Okay. Let's do something I haven't done in a while. Mexican Pizza. Response:
"I'm sorry. We are out of beans".

HUH!?!?! Out of beans! Taco Bell!?! That is like McDonald's being out of French Fries; or a salad bar with no lettuce; or an Orange Julius shop with no orange juice!

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Christina said...

My KFC runs out of chicken every time I go it seems. It's very frustrating. They have chicken, just not the chicken I want.