Friday, May 14, 2010

A few of my favorite things party

Munchie, my soon-to-be-five-year-old-and-soon-after-that-a-kindergartner, has had the hardest time deciding on a birthday theme. One day it was Transformers. Then Legos. Then Ben 10. Then he wanted all of them. So the theme became "a few of my favorite things".

I started with a song/invitation (it helps if you sing it!).
Robots that Transform and Thomas the Engine

Legos to build with and my new friend Ben 10

Bright colored packages tied up with strings

These are a few of my favorite things


Hot dogs and burgers all cooked on the grill

Great friends and family to share in the thrill

Goodie bags with candy and decoder rings

These are a few of my favorite things!


Will you please come—

To my party—

When I’m turning 5?

We will all share some favorite things

And then we’ll all feel so glad!

Then I googled "make trap door pinata" and found instructions to make this. It is supposed to be a pirate's chest, but I made it a toy box. It is a pull string pinata, so we don't have to blindfold a bunch of preschoolers and then hands out bats. (Who thought that was a good idea?)

Notice that Munchie is supporting Daddy and Papaw's temporary jobs. They are both working the census--John is working for the 3rd time since last spring. The shirt says, "Today we count..March to the mailbox". If you haven't sent in your census form, please be nice when someone, like my father-in-law, comes to your door. Now....back to our program....

I gave Munchie the option of a store bought cake, or one I made. If I made it, I would spend the extra money on toys for the cake. Of course, he acknowledged how priceless a cake made by mommy would be! (Okay, so hechose the extra toys....but a mom can dream, can't she?!?!)

So, in keeping with the "A few of my favorite things" theme, I decided to take 3 rectangular cakes and layer them. The top cake has the center cut out. It is supposed to look like a toybox with toys sticking out. I'm not sure if I accomplished that or not. But it has his favorite toys.

Aerial view:

Along the edges, I painted, "There are a few of my favorite things".

Munchie is NOT, I repeat, NOT wearing his birthday suit in this picture. He is, however, wearing nothing by Transformer underwear. (Hey! He is still 4!) Don't you love the pensive look on his face?!?

The "favorite things" include 4 sand molds (2 Spongebob and 2 Iron Man masks); an AstroBoy figure; a gold Hot Wheels car; 2 small Transformers (one is a robot and one is a car); a Ben10 character (Swamp thing?); and Felipe (the Phillips screwdriver from Handy Manny). In the morning I will throw in some extra Lego parts.

Now...if I can just get the birthday boy to settle down, I can get a little sleep before the party starts.....

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