Thursday, May 20, 2010

Grill Daddy

Product Name: Grill Daddy
Price: $19.95, plus S&H.
Put out by: Grill Daddy

Grill Daddy

Grill Daddy

The Grill Daddy ( is a steam powered grill-cleaning tool that sanitizes grills and eliminates the burnt on food, grease and dirt. Cleaning grills can be a difficult and time-consuming task but the alternative is far worse. Unwashed racks can house bacteria that could contaminate food and leave an unsanitary and bad taste.

Utilizing specially designed stainless-steel brushes, the Grill Daddy releases water as users brush, hitting the grill and turning to steam while rinsing away unsanitary debris.

Other features:

· Steam-powered

· No rancid greasy residue builds up on the brush (liquefies and melts it away)

· Safe for porcelain, steel and iron grills (hot or cold)

· Ergonomic handle keeps hands away from heat and provides maximum leverage