Friday, August 06, 2010

Back from vacation

We spent 4 nights in Albuquerque and packed in a lot of fun (and some sleeping in!).

We arrived Sunday afternoon. After checking into the Ramada on Menaul (near the junction of I-40 and I-25) we decided to eat at the Olive Garden. (I sure hope we get one in Roswell soon!) Here, Crunchy flirted with the waiter (she gave him a note on her menu that said, "UR Cute"). Oh boy!

After dinner, we went to the 2nd run theater (again, I wish we had one of these in Roswell!) Albuquerque has two (both Cinemark theaters!) Full price is $2. Matinee is $1.50, and on Mondays the one on Coors is only 75 cents! We saw Marmaduke (which we had not seen yet).

Monday morning was Crunchy's doctor appointment at UNM Hospital. The pediatric neurologist officially released her from neurology. Her seizures are considered "under control by medicine". If we remain seizure free for 2 years, there will be another EEG to see if the seizures have indeed stopped. At that time, we will look at stopping meds. If she has a seizure (even one) the 2 year clock starts over. We need to work on switching from liquid to pills.

A quick trip to the torture chamber (blood draw lab) ended our visit. Crunchy asked me to "get me out of this EVIL place" and, once the blood started going into the vial, she said, (I kid you not!) "The shock! The horror! The horror!" (No, I don't have a drama queen!) She refused a sticked because, "I don't want anything to remember this by!"

Next stop was a trip to the National Nuclear Science Museum. The big boys really enjoyed it. The two little ones enjoyed the hands on exhibits and the planes. Crunchy emerged as Tour Guide Barbie.
Welcome to the kids area of the museum. Here are some games you can try. Put your hand here, and then push the button.....
After a quick trip to the mall and Build a Bear (I am glad we don't have one of these in Roswell!), we went to Chick-Fil-A for dinner. (I want one of these in Roswell!) The kids enjoyed the play area. We enjoyed the chicken and they music. (They play Christian music!)

We brought swim suits, but no floating toys. So we hung out in the hot tub for a while before bed.

We got to a slow start this morning. We headed to the Aquarium and Botanical Gardens. The aquarium wasn't bad. It wasn't Monterrey Bay Aquarium, but there were some neat fish and such. The HUGE shark tank was pretty impressive too!

The gardens had a kids garden that was pretty cool. It was guarded by a dragon and the further you walked, the smaller you felt. Huge bugs, vegetation, and trees loomed. Crunchy thought she was in fairy land. She was thrilled to find not one, but two (twins) girls who were also fairies. Munchie found some boys to play in the sand castle with him. Chewie alternated between playing with the kids and being too big to play.

The highlight of our day was a trip to Golden Pride to meet my Uncle Roger for dinner. Roger is my Daddy's big brother. He is 75 and still works when they call him! (Heavy equipment operator.) Even though we have lived in New Mexico for almost 7 years, we have not been able to meet up with him. We tried several times when we first got here, but he was working or visiting other areas. This time we connected. It was great to see him. (And I miss my Daddy even more!)

After a quick trip to Walmart for floaties (and the Krispy Kreme store) we headed to the pool. We didn't get to use the hot tub because it was occupied the entire time.

This was our slowest start of the day. (Oh the joys of lazy days!) We went to the Museum of Art and History (which, by the way, if FREE on the first Wednesday of the month!) I don't understand the point of all the neat pictures, artwork, and artifacts, if we can't take pictures!

We went back to the cheap movie and saw "How to Train Your Dragon" (which we had seen before). Then headed back to the pool.

Final morning.....As promised, we headed over to Monkey Mania Adventures. For 2 hours of open play, the kids got to run around and choose a bunch of activities: Bounce room, battle ball arena, craft area, toddler room, dress up room, hollywood runway room, and movie room.

Lunch, gas, and on the road.
We got home about 6:30. Then the laundry began......

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