Friday, August 20, 2010

You are Beautiful!

This morning I was listening to the KLOVE radio morning show with Eric and Lisa. They were talking about an interview they had previously done with SuperChick where they talked aboutOperation Beautiful who is "transforming the way you see yourself one post it note at a time".

The mission is simple:
Leave postive notes in public places reminding women that they are beautiful.

I have been busy. While driving around for work today, I left notes in several convenience store bathrooms, a grocery store, an office complex, and my own office.

While I was taking pictures, I had an aha moment. I was trying to figure out how to take a picture of a mirror without getting myself in it. But then I stopped and thought about it. If I was afraid to be in the picture because I am too fat (or too ugly or too ______), then it was hypocritical to be posting the note. So I gladly posed with my notes! :)

Have you told anyone she is beautiful today?

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Elizabeth Smith said...

Ohhh.. It's so sweet.