Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Creating a new blog....or maybe repurposing this one?

Earlier tonight I started a new blog: Learning to Cook After 40 to chronicle my journey as I learn to cook on the other side of the hill.  But I may just hi-jack this blog and repurpose it.  For now, I'll post on both blogs.

Confession: I am 42 years old and I don't know how to cook. I wouldn't stave if I had to feed myself, but I would eat a lot of pasta, frozen meals, and other convenience foods. When my kids are hungry, they tend to get tuna sandwiches, Top Ramen, or hotdogs. I recently decided that I WANT to learn to cook.

How did I get over the hill without learning to cook? I am the youngest of 7 kids. My mom graduated from nursing school the same year I graduated from kindergarten. She spent a few of my early elementary years working PMs. (3pm to 11 pm). During these days, my big sister Carmen did much of the cooking. Even when Mom switched to days (7am t0 3pm), she didn't have the time to teach me to cook. When she got home, it was a rush to get dinner on the table.

I married young (17) and fully expected to learn how to cook (as many new brides are forced to do). But, I married a man who was the oldest of 3 and LOVED to cook. So it was never necessary for me to learn. For the past 8 years, I've shared a home with my in-laws, and my mother-in-law is an excellent cook. Again it, was not necessary for me to learn to cook. As a full time working mom, learning to cook has not been a priority--until now.

Don't get me wrong... I can follow a recipe. And I have had compliments on my baked goods. But I want to walk into the kitchen and look in the fridge and pantry and come with with "something out of nothing".

So follow me as my journey begins.....

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