Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My birthday present

For my birthday this year, I asked for a good picture cookbook and a box of utensils and gadgets to help me learn to cook. John went above and beyond what I expected. (I was thinking Dollar Tree for a many of the items---not Bed, Bath and Beyond!) We still need to find a tub to put it all in, but I wanted to have my own tools that I can find whenever I need them.

Here is the entire collection (so far!)

Measuring cups and spoons (the small set includes "pinch" and "dash"!

Peeler, pastry brush, zester, pancake turner, microplane, and melon baller.

Assortment of bamboo spoons and stirrers.

Rubber spatulas, wire whisk, and pastry bags.

Pastry fork, chop and scoops.

Flour sifter, meat thermometer, and candy thermometer.

Rolling pin, parchment paper, 4 cutting sheets.

The cookbook. (Can't figure out how to turn it over!)

Inside the cookbook. This is a reprint of the cookbook John learned to cook with!

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Aunt LoLo said...

Awesome!! That is the BEST cookbook. I learned to cook with it, too. *grin* There's a little story...my great-grandma swore by it..and DOTED on my father. When he got married, Grandma wasn't positive his new wife would be able to feed him properly, so she gave my mother her FIRST EDITION, dog-eared copy of that Betty Crocker cookbook. It's a family treasure. You can't imagine how excited we all were when Betty Crocker reprinted the cookbook! All my sisters and I all got copies for Christmas that year.