Friday, January 27, 2012

TWFDS Day 3: Kitchen Tips

I have been out of the habit of daily blogging, so some of my TWFDS Challenge posts are not on the right day.  But, I refuse to let my blog control my life, and I won't succomb to blogger guilt!  I'll post the final challenges today.

Today's theme is organizing your kitchen.  I didn't do much with this because I don't have my own kitchen.  My MIL has the kitchen set up the way she likes it.  My husband added his touches.  I think this may be a case of "too many cooks" I won't (yet) do anything to disrupt the status quo.  As I get more familiar with kitchen tools, I'll start leaving my mark.  For now, my birthday presents, are in a big Sam's Club bag on a shelf in my room.  But I'm okay with that. 

Some of the tools that have earned a space our kitchen counters are: coffee pot (FIL); toaster over, Kitchen Aide mixer, vacuum sealer, and can opener.  On a rolling island in the kitchen, we keep the large stock pot and the large crockpot.  We have lots of cabinets in the kitchen, plus a large alcove in the garage where less frequently used items are kept.  (My husband is a gadget collector!  Some work, some don't.)

For food storage, we have an inside cabinet with canisters (flour, sugar, etc) and a small pantry for open stuff (crackers, Ranch dressing mix) as well as small packaged items. We also have a closet sized pantry in the laundry room with shelves.  Our most recent addition is a shelf in the garage where we are buying bulk extras in case of hard(er) times.  We keep canned goods out there.

What are your favorite tips for keeping an organized kitchen?
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Jessie said...

When we moved,I discovered that there were mice in the house.Ick!What that did was to motivate me to organize my pantry with "tupperware" like containers.I love how neat my pantry looks. The other thing we did was buy 3 spice racks that mount onto the wall and the spice jars fit in with the tops facing out. The labels are on the jars. It is so convenient to find the herb or spice I'm looking for.

On a different note, you motivated me with your posts this week. I've gone through YEARS of cooking magazines, ripping out the recipes I liked or want to try and recycling the rest of the magazine. I'm hoping to reorganize my cookbook bookcase, it should be much neater without the magazines!Thanks!