Thursday, February 02, 2012

More projects

I've been going crazy on Pinterest projects!  Here are the last few for now! :)

Project 1: EASY t-shirt transfer!

I saw a really neat idea to use plastic bags as iron ons!  I didn't have any cute shopping bags around, but I found these loot bags at Big Lots for 50 cents for 8 bags.  I'm seeing fun birthday party favors in our future!  Literally, the longest part of this project was cutting out the pictures!  (And then Aidan asked why I didn't include the web!)

How to:
  • Trim plastic bag to desired size. Note: Try to keep each piece smaller than the surface of your iron.  If you look closely at SpiderMan, you'll notice that his head is a bit deformed. When you first put heat on, the plastic will seize up and shrink.
  • Place pieces of plastic on shirt (or bag or ?!?!?!?) and cover with parchment paper. Note: Don't try to reuse the parchment paper. My princess shirt has some stray marks in the shape of Spiderman.
  • Heat with iron.  This step is very quick!  It doesn't take long.
  • Leave parchment paper on for a few minutes to set. Note: I noticed the paper starting to peel away from the shirt. That's when I lifted the paper.
  • If the decal seems to be lifting, put the parchment paper back down and iron some more.
  • I haven't tried washing these yet, but they say it's supposed to be permanent.

Project 2: Quick Scarves

I am not a scarf girl, but I found this tip to make a scarf out of t-shirts.  

My co-worker made one yesterday (from a t-shirt I picked up from a thrift store for a quarter!)

Tonight, Heather I did a "Mommy and Me" project.  We started with these shirts.

Heather modeling hers....

Both of us with our scarves.

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Teez ~n~ Tagz = Secrets said...

You do know that we make shirts in the mall that are way easier and very little time right? lol