Thursday, April 05, 2012

Paid In Full!

I found this idea on pinterest (of course!) The original source is Mom on Timeout.

These coin covered crosses represent the true meaning of Easter: "Paid in Full"! 
Here is her version:

Here are my 3 on the wall.

I started with a tip (also from Pinterest!). I put thumb tacks on the back of the wood blocks before I painted. It kept the crosses from sticking to the newspaper!

I painted each of the crosses with acrylic paint (burnt umber, I believe).
I spent $13 at Hobby Lobby for the crosses: 1 paper mache box (about $2), 2 small wooden "stacking" crosses (79 cents each), 1 fun foam (two thick layers) cross (99 cents) and 1 large wooden "stacking" cross ($8).

Fun foam cross.  This was two layers of thick fun foam with a cut-in hanger on the back.  The original blogger worked hard to find shiny pennies.  I did try to clean mine (tooth paste, as well as a vinegar/salt soak) without much success.  But I also liked the idea of an "Old Rugged Cross", rather than a polished one. (About 47 pennies).

I made two of these. 28 cents each. These didn't have a hanger, so I used a soda can pull tab.

The large cross (about $1 in pennies). I made this one for my boss who collects crosses.  When I ran out of pennies, I grabbed my father-in-law's stash (with his permission, of course!)  He had quite a number of shiny new pennies, so I decided to go ahead and do a shiny one.  The lighting was bad--I'm not sure why it looks yellow?!?!?

Now my kids want to make some, so I need to go back to Hobby Lobby and get some pennies from the bank.

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