Saturday, October 27, 2007

Catching up....

I was doing a pretty good job of posting at least once or twice a week, but I've gotten off track. I'll try to do better! :) I still wonder if I'm talking to myself, but thanks to my friend Jenni for commenting so I know you've been here. And thanks to Auntie M for e-mailing me to let me know I've been missed.

I haven't talked about the kids lately, so how about an update?

Chewie will be 10 in just over a month. WOW!! It's been a long road since that first phone call! He is in the 4th grade and doing well. He made "A/B Honor Roll". (4 A's and 1 B). Math was his lowest subject. On the standardized test last year, he was borderline in math. So he is going to start an afterschool tutoring program next week. It's supposed to be fun. I told him he needs to try it for two weeks and then we'll talk about it. His favorite subject continues to be science. He loves to watch Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel. He dreams of blowing stuff in the name of science!

Chewie is still recovering from his surgery in July. (There was a post about it awhile back.) He's had about a month of physical therapy with an awesome PT named Lance. Lance has had him bring in his bicycle and golf clubs to help Chewie with the things that are important to him. We are waiting to see if insurance will cover the final 2 weeks of PT that are recommended.

Chewie is an awesome big brother, and he loves to help out around the house. Of course, he has his moments.....but he's a great kid! Chewie is going to be a Star Wars Clone Trooper for Halloween.

Crunchy turned 4 in July. She is a bundle of energy and cuddles all wrapped up together! Crunchy is attending the school district pre-K/4 class. She gets extra help with her motor skills. She loves to sing and memorizes the words to any song after hearing it just once. She belts out songs full force, whether she's singing, "I am free to run! I am free to dance! I am free to live for You! I am free!" or "When there is a fire drill, lock your lips and listen to the teacher". After just a few times through Leap Frog Letter Factory, she can tell you what sound every letter makes. ("every letter makes a sound and B says buh").

After what seemed like forever, Crunchy has had success in potty training. She's been wearing panties to school for more than a month and has not had a single accident a school (or at church.) She's still having some trouble at home. We are working on consistency, and getting ready to make sure there is not a medical problem causing her trouble. (We don't want to treat it as defiance if she really doesn't know she needs to go.)

Today, Crunchy told me, "Girls like to kiss boys". Uh oh. We're in trouble. Crunchy loves Dora, Sky Dancer, anything Princess and books. For Halloween, she is going to be Hannah Montana. She had the hair for it. We just needed to add some fancy clothes.

Munchie. My baby. He's 2 1/2. (Wow!?!?) He loves to climb. We have to lock everything down. Recently he's spilt maple syrup (twice), soy sauce, conditioner, and an entire bottle of bubble bath in his bedroom. I guess he likes the way it feels!? Munchie just started receiving speech services. He has a lot of words, but is often difficult to understand. He loves his speech therapist.

Munchie's great loves in life are the movie Cars and Thomas the Tank Engine. Mostly Thomas. He spots Thomas merchandise from across the room. And there is a lot of Thomas merchandise in the stores right now. Munchie is going to be Thomas for Halloween. I was going to make his costume, but I decided to just buy the one in the store. He loves it. you are up to date.

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