Sunday, July 19, 2009


Watch Lives Change

What is Mamavation?
Mamavation is a social experiment and weight loss campaign created to change lives one mom at a time. Bookieboo Moms have organized as a team to impact one mom's life and help her create an everylasting healthy lifestyle.

The challenge goes like this: Can the Mamavation Team help one overweight mom from twitter lose weight and bring healthy habits home to her family? If we can do this, we have succeeded. And by helping this mom, can we also help thousands of other moms as they watch? If this is possible, we have succeeded in our social experiment. We really want to change the lives of many, by focusing on one mom at a time.
From July 31st to September 30th a team of experts will guide the winner, and the blogosphere will provide moral support. This is exactly what I need: expert help and cheerleaders. I am very motivated by other people. I have some intrinsic motivation, but I need that extrinsic motivation too. If I make the final 4, you will have a chance to vote for me. Here is my application video.

Oh, and there are prizes too!
The Mamavation Mom is sponsored by Earth Footwearand will immediately receive three pairs of shoes: sandals, casual shoes, and tennis shoes for the duration of the campaign. Earth Footwear has an amazing inclined sole design that lets you burn extra calories with every step

She will also receive the following if she reaches weight loss goals AND brings healthy habits home to her family:

1. Baby Banz $65 gift certificate
2. Creative Labs Vado in pink--pocket video cam
3. nekFIT--device that keeps dangling iPod wires from getting in way while exercising.
4. We Are Girls Who Love to Run childrens book by Brianna Grant
5. Joggermom $50 gift certificate
6. 10 pair of Puma col sox--super light athletic socks
7. One EA Sports Active
8. ChaLEAN Extreme set
9. New Releases: Turbo Kick FAN AND Hip Hop Hustle FAN
10. SporteeGal Fitness Journal
11. The "Madre" Necklace
12. Mabel's Labels, Custom Neat Freak Combo (for your kitchen to help organize)
13. Mabel's Labels, Skinny Minis--smaller sticky labels perfect for toys, supplies & dishes
14. Personalized Aluminum Water Bottle--Victoria P. Zurcher Designs

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